Plans and Pricing

We are in alpha testing mode and we are offering our current alpha plan without any rate limits to our alpha testers

We do not intend to introduce any paid plan untill we are out of beta and have a stable version of api

A free plan with reasonable rate limits will always be available to our users. All our free plan users will automatically be upgraded to our latest free plan available

The paid plan will be introduced only to cover the running cost of this projects. So we will try to keep the prices at the minimum

Plan Alpha (Free)

per month
  • Unlimited calls
    vaild upto the expiry of Plan
  • This plan is for those who wish to join our Alpfa stage of testing.
    Plan will expire as soon as we move to Beta.
    There will always be a free plan with reasonable limits for our users.
    Users registered for alpha will automatically be upgraded to the most recent free plan available
    * Please do not use this subscription for the production. There could be breaking changes in the future versions of the API*
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